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On the newly developed asphalt road, toll free, or with the taxis from the landing Greifenburg, or landing in the mountains Drautal. Phone numbers for taxis are available at the information boards at the landing sites.
Wolfgang obtained from Almgasthof Fichtenheim on the Emberger Alm himself from his house guests free of charge from the landing site.

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Launch sites

The overall direction of the flight area is up by Franz Mandl gliding camp Greifenburg.
Launch site managers and operators of the newly constructed "Thermal-togethers" Wolfgang is from Sattlegger Almgasthof Fichtenheim


  1. SW Embergeralm 1740m
    Main launch site for paragliders and hang, steep meadow launch site of a large forest clearing directly into the thermals. Access road to the private car and by taxi.

  2. SO Embergeralm 1860m
    Grassy slope less steep, 1/4 hour walk. It is located above the main launch site or Embergeralm. Access road to the main launch site only with the taxis. For the GS is a glide ratio of 5.5, and sufficient impetus needed from the front .. In West Wind is just after the start of the risk-Lee vertebrae.
    Start at the main square or on a flight landing fee will be charged. It may only be started on these two grid positions.

Landing sites

  1. Greifenburg
    Landing beside the gliding camp "Upper Drau" note at the lake, 610 m above sea level, after overflying the village Greifenburg the high voltage line.

  2. Berg
    Landing next to the inn "Altenmarkt", north of the highway B 100, at the access road from the station in the town of Berg. Altitude: 630 m to the east is the landing site by the road and a row of trees is limited.
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