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Flying Area Emberger Alm 1800m

One of the most beautiful and most famous flying site and the entire Eastern Alps of Austria to haul travelers and lovers of the sun presents Upper Carinthia on the lookout balcony on the upper Drau valley. Just above the tree line, load up on a wide Almwiesenflächen Naßfeldriegel the paraglider to look at different edges of the updraft thermals demolition to a nice haul flights begin or pleasure.


Take off & Landings

Haul flight options

The main route flights over the entire follow the Drautal Südabsturz the Kreuzeck, (note here the sometimes violent and high-reaching valley wind) generally westward to the "Anna-shelter" and back. Or more over the "Zettersfeld" until after Matrei East Tyrol. East to the "Radelbergeralm" and back (relatively easy). More difficult are the flights to Sillian, the "Goldeck" or direction "Dobratsch", mainly because of the large valley crossings.

Difficulties / dangers

The SO-off area for HG turbulence with low relief. Exposed thunderstorms, strong thermal flying site. Beware of strong positions north and west winds. Leerotoren can occur. In the east facing valley wind is often up to the launch site. The thermal is particularly "heeled" and turbulent.

Height difference between the starting and landing:

between 1.130m and 1.250m, depending on the grid


Starting in the late morning good conditions (in season). Most optimal climbing outside the forest edge. (If not in the West Wind "Gnoppnitztal" drift.) On the east side of Embergeralm exists a wildlife reserve, which must not be flown. In the spring of very strong thermals - For beginners or "fliers" without expert assistance of a flight instructor is flying from the Emberger Alm at that time very dangerous.

Approach places in the valley

Greifenburg: SH 630m, und Berg im Drautal: SH 680m